Worth seeing

Set amidst the beautiful scenery of the "Colline del sole" hills and surrounded by vineyards, the village of Ortonovo is protected by two gates built into the ancient walls. The small village preserves the remains of the cylindrical tower, which is now used as the bell tower for the eighteenth-century church.


The Cuisine

As with nearby Castelnuovo, visitors should stop to taste the local wines in the vineyards and wine cellars that you come across on the bends leading up to the village. Vermentino is a traditional dry white wine. Red and white wines alike are strictly of controlled origins, and provide worthy accompaniments for ravioli and vegetable tarts, all made exclusively using wholesome ingredients.


How to get there

By car from Sarzana turning onto the Via Aurelia it takes fifteen minutes, a few minutes more by bus from Ortonovo.